Municipalité de Saint-Paul-de-l’Île-aux-Noix

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Municipal Council

In regular Council meetings, the population is represented by elected councillors, who make decisions regarding orientations and priorities of municipal concerns, they also manage municipal affairs.

The Council is concerned with the quality of life of the community. Only during these regular Council meetings can the municipal Council make their decisions, always in the best interest of the citizens they represent, by means of by-laws or resolutions. Exclusive of the mayor exercising his emergency power, the members of Council cannot, individually or outside Council meetings, make any decisions on behalf of the municipality.

Members of Council


  • Claude Leroux


  • Pierre Bisaillon

  • Marc Chalifoux

  • Carol Rivard

  • Leo Quenneville

  • France Desroches

  • Denis Thomas

Municipal organisation

Marie-Lili Lenoir
City Manager, secretary-treasurer, crisis coordinator
Gilles Bastien
Fire safety officer
Eric De Grand Maison and Jacques-M Daigle
Municipal and road network inspectors, person in charge of issuing zoning certificate and permits
Chantal Surprenant
Administrative Secretary
Marc Chalifoux jr
Assisting treasurer

The Budget

The municipal Council's main objective is to make sure that the community's needs are fulfilled.

The nature of questions addressed to a municipal Council may vary from place to place, but all municipal Council must adopt a budget and insure their municipality's financial integrity. The Council must reserve the right and assume responsibilities conferred by major laws such as; the Municipal Code of Québec, as well as parallel laws; An Act respecting Municipal Taxation and Land Use Planning and Development Act.

This allows the Council to opt for positions regarding various aspects concerning the community's quality of life such as; economic development, zoning, water purification, community development, recreational or cultural, etc.

With this outlook and in the perspective of maximizing this administration's transparency, the Council considers that it is important that all citizens are aware of the content of the budget voted annually. 

Budget 2017

Budget 2016

Budget 2015

2011 Financial report (french version)

Budget 2010, short version
    Budget 2010, complete version (available upon request)

Contract Management Policy

According to section 938.1.2 of the Municipal Code, you can consult the Contract Management Policy  (french version) adopted by the municipality on December 13th, 2010.

List of contracts over $25 000

To view the list of contracts over $25 000 that the municapity awarded in 2011, please follow this link that will bring you to the SEAO website.  You will then need to enter the required dates of January 1st, 2011 and December 31st, 2011.